In January 2018 we were invited to be artists-in-residence at the Florida International Toy Piano Festival hosted by the New Music Conflagration.

As part of our time there we participated in community outreach seminars, field recording walks and worked collectively on a new piece to present as part of an outdoor concert.

In taking inspiration from our surroundings, as well as from the community and fellow artists we created a program based around the theme of harmonious co-existence. Like the preserve itself, which exists within a largely populated area, we sought to create a piece that is a synthesis of elements both natural and human-made.

As we have continued the conceptual continuity with this project, we have added more instruments, media elements and stories which to explore. We are currently working on another volume of Live Speak that will be premiere within the next year. This will include interactive electronic and video elements as well as a possible installation. We are nothing short of excited to see what this project brings!

You can listen to Live Speak Vol. I below as well as demo tracks earlier iterations material.

With our fellow artists and new friends!

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